The long awaited return…and we return with LEATHER

Sex Talk
Leather harnesses are the most reliably stable and long-lasting. For more stability choose a harness with a leather backing. Try a harness with no backing for duel-ended dildos or stimulation from the base of the dildo.

Leather is porous so you will be fluid bonded with those you use it with. 

For "vegan leather" try recycled rubber. They are also porous but made from recycled bike inner tubes. 

The imagery alongside the text displays various groups of people fucking with harnesses, and wearing harnesses while doing impact play.

Hey y’all, so glad to be back! And back just in time for pride! These past few years have been wild, so thank you for bearing with us during our unscheduled hiatuses. I hope you enjoy this page on leather harnesses. Also, I would like to unofficially plug switch leather co because their harnesses kick ass.

And YOU have a Harness and YOU have a Harness

Sex Talk

Our Harness 101 is a basic introduction to the different forms harnesses come in. I always say you can’t get what’s right for you unless you know what’s out there.There’s so many styles to choose from to match the aesthetic, physical needs, and the comfort levels anybody might have.

Whether you want a harness on the pelvis in a thong, jock strap, brief, or boxer style. Or if you want a harness elsewhere: chest, thigh, boot, chin, etc, there are many options to look into.