Happy Valentines!!

I’m in the mood for chaos

Valentine’s interlude! Valentine’s day is a good time to celebrate everyone you love in your life. For Adrien and me that includes the two shows we love.

For the past year Adrien and I have been watching Pretty Little Liars to tide us over between Riverdale. We’re in season four and LOVING IT.

Happy Valentines to the incredible Mona Vanderwaal and Cheryl Blossom out there living their drama filled queer dreams.

Happy Halloween From your Friendly Maybe-Local Transwolves


Today is our special Halloween interlude! We’re gonna do an interlude once every few months or so just to keep ourselves on our toes, and to have fun. I hope you love these transwolves as much as we do.

Werewolves are trans mascs and that’s a fact.