Sex Talk Update!


Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while but we have not stopped loving and thinking about Sex Talk. Life’s been a wild ride, but we’re reassessing our schedules, and there are some exciting things to look out for!

First off!

We’ve been assessing our schedules and are looking to put out a new comic page once a month.


Keep your eyes peeled for Bluestockings Digital Zine Fest! We’re going to be digitally tabling there in May! A bunch of Sex Talk collections will be available, including our erotic series “At the Bar.”

I hope you’re all just as excited to see Sex Talk return as we are!

Adrien and Jo

T4T Interlude


With Adrien busy marking at the end of his semester and me being overwhelmed with corona and protests we’ll be taking a bit of a break from the sex education. ⠀

Instead we’ve drafted up a few pages of t4t sex as a bit of a break. ⠀

Most of my social media has been on Twitter, as it’s better for sharing links. There’s I’m keeping updates on the protests happening across the United States, and sharing fundraisers and actions that can be done at home. My handle is aka_quicksilver if you want to follow there.



We had other plans for what was going to come next for the comic, however with everything the way it is all I’ve found drawn towards writing is orienting towards trans community.

Also credit to Vander Von Odd who largely inspired Adrien’s middle right illustration!

Happy Valentines!!

I’m in the mood for chaos

Valentine’s interlude! Valentine’s day is a good time to celebrate everyone you love in your life. For Adrien and me that includes the two shows we love.

For the past year Adrien and I have been watching Pretty Little Liars to tide us over between Riverdale. We’re in season four and LOVING IT.

Happy Valentines to the incredible Mona Vanderwaal and Cheryl Blossom out there living their drama filled queer dreams.