The Prostate

Sex Talk

The basic make up of bodies is not as complicated as some have it seem. There are endless articles about what the g-spot is, what is squirting, and people trying to explain “Skene’s glands,” in order to avoid the reality that our bodies are much more similar than they are different. What it all comes down to is that the gland underneath the bladder is a prostate.

Because of the insistence of the difference between “Female” and “Male” bodies, not enough research has gone into the effects of the prostate on all people. Despite the bias that links prostate cancer with cis men, anyone can be subject to it. This bias effects the health and lives of literally everyone who is not a cis man and their ability to get a proper diagnosis for illness related to the prostate.

The more normalized recognizing our bodies as similar becomes, the more pressure it puts on medicine to pursue everyone’s health with the same level of rigor.

And, for anyone who is curious, here is a link to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute about the prostate: