Happy Valentines!!

I’m in the mood for chaos

Valentine’s interlude! Valentine’s day is a good time to celebrate everyone you love in your life. For Adrien and me that includes the two shows we love.

For the past year Adrien and I have been watching Pretty Little Liars to tide us over between Riverdale. We’re in season four and LOVING IT.

Happy Valentines to the incredible Mona Vanderwaal and Cheryl Blossom out there living their drama filled queer dreams.

Common Condom Sizing Chart

Sex Talk
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When using condoms if there‚Äôs any issue figuring out the right fit, you can measure the length and girth of the erect penis to better know which condom will be right for you! 

Hopefully this chart will clarify the differences between the major brands and sizes, and make shopping easier in the future. 

For even more thorough coverage of condom sizes check out https://www.condom-sizes.org/ which also provided an incredible reference for this chart! 

Barriers: Materials and Sizing

Sex Talk

Materials and sizing matter! Make sure you have the right size so everything fits right. And if you have latex allergies there are other options! As far as U.S. studies go, they show that somewhere between 5%-9% of the worldwide population has a latex allergy. That’s a pretty significant number so it can’t hurt to have non latex options available when possible.