Slip and Slide Ft Water Base Lube?

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Water based lube aka the most versatile lube, but also the type with a lot of things to keep in mind when buying. When talking about lube I’m trying to keep away from personal recommendations as much as possible. Different lubes are available across the world, so now that we’ve gone through what to look out for, this covers what it’s great for.


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Osmolality and pH can be very mysterious factors when it comes to lube. At least pH can be easily home tested, while osmolality levels remain nearly impossible to find.

A few manufactures do list their osmolality ranges though, and a few specify ‘low osmolality,’ so keep an eye out for it. Another thing to look out for is the presence of glycerin or propylene glycol which predict a high osmolality.

Below are a couple of links from people who were good enough to make spreadsheets on various lubes tested, or published, pH and osmolality range.

Just Use Lube

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I wanted to immediately dive into lube cause it’s one of the single most important things people often don’t realize they need (or realize is causing irritation it shouldn’t).

There’re so many reasons lube can be necessary. These reasons range from asses needing it, to a person being dehydrated, to menopause, to condomed blowjobs, to sex just straight up being more comfortable with lube. Even bodies that make their own, it’s often not nearly as long lasting as a good bottled lube. So over the next four pages Sex Talk is going to cover all things lube.

It’s also STI testing week! Go out an get tested if you can! Even if you don’t think you could’ve contracted anything it’s always good to have documentation, especially since you never know when you’re going to meet someone new who might need to know.

Bodies are Bodies are Bodies

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Comic depicting variations of bodies with the text:

"The same! ...But different. 
If you’ve spent time in sex education you’ve heard this concept before. 

While genitals may look and respond differently, they are formed of the same material, and function similarly. 

labia : cock shaft 
The clit : cock
foreskin : clitoral hood
prostate : g-spot
Labia - cock shaft 

While every single person Is made of different Sizes and shapes, It is, essentially all the same 

This matters when it comes to understanding the basics of sex, And shifts he fundamental understanding of bodies and how they relate to sex and gender.

The differences between bodies is extremely important to people. But genitals begin growing from the same material in the womb, and merely end up joining differently in the end.

Realizing this destigmatizes natural variations in bodies. And in turn it does away with cultural standards for what genitals “should” look like.

Accepting this means intersex bodies, trans bodies, disabled bodies, and on become a part of the social standard rather than being counted as Other.