Power and Sex

Sex Talk

Hey! February’s almost over! Fucking wild how fast that month went. I, for one, am happy to celebrate my second Valentines in a row not working at a sex shop. If I never have to hear a man ask me what his girlfriend likes again it will be TOO SOON. To all the sex shop workers out there a) unionize and b) seriously congrats for getting through the worst part of the year.

The timing of this cycle comes at a good time, cause of my years at the sex shop really made me distinctly aware of how extreme axes of power can be when it comes to peoples sex lives. Its always good to stop and reflect on who, how, and why you have sex the way you do, with the people you do.

Common Condom Sizing Chart

Sex Talk
so many numbers

When using condoms if there‚Äôs any issue figuring out the right fit, you can measure the length and girth of the erect penis to better know which condom will be right for you! 

Hopefully this chart will clarify the differences between the major brands and sizes, and make shopping easier in the future. 

For even more thorough coverage of condom sizes check out https://www.condom-sizes.org/ which also provided an incredible reference for this chart! 

Barriers: Materials and Sizing

Sex Talk

Materials and sizing matter! Make sure you have the right size so everything fits right. And if you have latex allergies there are other options! As far as U.S. studies go, they show that somewhere between 5%-9% of the worldwide population has a latex allergy. That’s a pretty significant number so it can’t hurt to have non latex options available when possible.