We had other plans for what was going to come next for the comic, however with everything the way it is all I’ve found drawn towards writing is orienting towards trans community.

Also credit to Vander Von Odd who largely inspired Adrien’s middle right illustration!

He’s Such a Bottom

Sex Talk

It’s easy to conflate topping and bottoming with the easy cut roles, even when the truth is more complicated. Sex isn’t a static thing and the more boxes actions are put into the more we cut ourselves off from the nuance of experience and possibility.

Also relevant…this happened last week:

Gumroad Update!

Sex Talk

This week we don’t have a new page! Shit’s fucking wild, I’ve lost my job and the days have been blurred. Adrien’s been on the opposite end of that scale, he’s been deep in marking papers while also working on a chapter submission for his thesis.

However we now how our barriers cycle up for purchase on our gumroad, alongside the lube cycle. They’re each $5 or pay what you can.

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves in these uncertain times.

Power and Sex

Sex Talk

Hey! February’s almost over! Fucking wild how fast that month went. I, for one, am happy to celebrate my second Valentines in a row not working at a sex shop. If I never have to hear a man ask me what his girlfriend likes again it will be TOO SOON. To all the sex shop workers out there a) unionize and b) seriously congrats for getting through the worst part of the year.

The timing of this cycle comes at a good time, cause of my years at the sex shop really made me distinctly aware of how extreme axes of power can be when it comes to peoples sex lives. Its always good to stop and reflect on who, how, and why you have sex the way you do, with the people you do.